Fine-scale spatial clustering of measles nonvaccination that increases outbreak potential is obscured by aggregated reporting data

The Backstory: Rising Cases of Measles Despite High Vaccination Coverage

Some light summer reading in spatial epidemiology

Spatial Epidemiology

Bringing it all together with GitLab CI

Using GitLab CI

It's not reproducible if it only runs on your laptop.

Make sure it runs.

Makefiles for fun and profit

All about Makefiles

Reproducibility starts at home

Reproducibility and some examples.

Your R script is a program!

R scripts are programs!

Understanding the impact of socioeconomic status on Ebola transmission

Socioeconomic status impacts disease transmission

Understanding the etiology of spatial clusters of drug-resistant TB: Clustered social risks, localized transmission, or both?

Etiology and TB

Autogenerating research reports using Make, Knitr and Latex

Using different tools in the reproductible workflow