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[10/26/2020] Why Outbreaks Can Still Happen, Even if Most People Get Vaccinated — Study

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[08/21/20] What would make it safe to reopen Washington’s schools with COVID-19 still a threat? In short: It’s up to everybody.

[08/17/20] Coronavirus risk assessment for Michigan schools: Where and when is it safe to reopen?

[07/11/20] Uncomfortable and uncertain: The new normal while living through the COVID-19 pandemic

[06/02/20] Opinion: Thank you for staying home, Michigan

[05/27/20] This Swiss cheese analogy can help protect you from the coronavirus (COVID-19)

[05/22/20] Four tips from an epidemiologist to stay safer as Michigan begins to reopen

[05/18/20] How do you stay safe now that states are reopening? An expert explains how to assess risk when reconnecting with friends and family

[04/23/20] Your COVID-19 Healthcare Questions, Answered

[04/12/20] Why Are Some People So Much More Infectious Than Others?

[04/04/20] Black people are 40% of COVID-19 deaths in MI. What does that mean?

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